[Macau Latest information] August 2021-Walk around Macau 2021

[Macau Latest information] August 2021-Walk around Macau 2021

[Macau Latest information] August 2021-Walk around Macau 2021

[Latest information on Macau delivered by Japanese living in Macau] About the situation in Macau as of August 24, 2021. Please take a look at the situation in various parts of Macau during August.

In July, there was good news such as the opening of Lisboeta and Grand Lisboa Palace, and Macau was becoming more lively as the number of tourists increased during the summer vacation.

On August 3, the community-acquired infection was confirmed for the first time in about a year and a half, and it suddenly cooled down.
Fortunately, the infection in the city did not spread and the infection situation was calm, but tourists did not return.

It was quite a shock as each industry in Macau was expecting economic benefits for the summer vacation season.

This time we have only unfortunate news, but please have a look.

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For the latest information that it is not enough to make one video, I also put it in the town stroll video.
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